Clojurecuda 0.14.0

Released under the Eclipse Public License

ClojureCUDA is a Clojure library for parallel computations with Nvidia's CUDA.


To install, add the following dependency to your project or build file:

[uncomplicate/clojurecuda "0.14.0"]



Core ClojureCUDA functions for CUDA host programming. The kernels should be provided as strings (that may be stored in files) or binaries, written in CUDA C/C++.

Info functions for all CUDA objects (devices, etc…).

Public variables and functions:


Defines constants and mappings from/to CUDA constants.


Public variables and functions:


Utility functions used as helpers in other ClojureCUDA namespaces. The user of the ClojureCUDA library would probably not need to use any of the functions defined here.

Public variables and functions:


Various helpers that are not needed by ClojureCUDA itself, but may be very helpful in applications. See Neanderthal and Bayadera libraries for the examples of how to use them.

Public variables and functions: