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Parallel computations on the GPU with CUDA in Clojure

High Performance Computing and GPGPU in Clojure: access the supercomputer on your desktop

Lots of fast Linear Algebra tutorials in Clojure on CPU and GPU

Slides and video of the presentation at EuroClojure 2016

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High Performance Computing

CUDA gives you access to many hardware optimizations on Nvidia hardware.

Opens the door to access leading CUDA libraries for numerical computing: cuBLAS, cuFFT, cuDNN...

Optimized for Clojure

Built with Clojure in mind. Sane interface and functions that fit into functional style while still respecting the reality of number crunching with CUDA.

Reusable literature.

Closely follows CUDA driver API.

You can easily translate examples from best books about CUDA.

Check out the Neanderthal native matrix library. You can use its source code as a real-world example of how to harness GPU power from Clojure.

Free and Open Source

Licensed under the Eclipse Public License, same as Clojure.

Browse the source code on GitHub

Used in Cool Projects

Check out the Neanderthal native matrix library. It is written in Clojure and uses ClojureCUDA in one of its GPU engines that run matrix computations at amazing speeds.

Browse Neanderthal's source code on GitHub